“I won’t take back my words. That’s my ninja way” ~ Naruto Uzumaki
“I am different from you. I am on an opposite path than you…” ~ Sasuke Uchiha
“Sasuke is not my close friend, and i don’t like him either, but Sasuke is a Konoha Shinobi like us… He is our friend! Because of that, I risk my life to help him. This is the Konoha way.” ~ Shikamaru Nara
“Naruto, this is my wish, for the whole of my life… Please… bring Sasuke back!” ~ Sakura Haruno
“I am going to bring Sasuke back! I promise..” ~ Naruto Uzumaki


4 comments so far

  1. husein on

    salam kenal..:D

  2. anggie on

    salam kenal juga nyuu.. n_n

  3. giffari on

    wew husain blognya hebat.



  4. naruto-captain on

    I Love Sakuraa

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