Ten things you should know about dreams…

Oke, Bhs. Inggris yang ada di judul itu bukanlah Made in by me. aQ hanya melihat dari secarik kertas yang diberikan TBI padaku. Dan tampaknya menarik sekali klo aQ publish di blogku. Dan aQ jga sangat menyukai mimpi.. Tempat dimana aQ bisa mengkhayal dan membayangkan sesuatu yang tidak mungkin aQ lakukan tapi mungkin saja menjadi kenyataan.. Bwat yang sangat menyukai mimpi, inilah 10 mengenai mimpi… Dlm Bhs. Inggris tentunya…

Oya, sebelum itu kalian harus menjawab pernyataan2 dibawah ini… Tinggal jawab True or False aja..

1. Everyone dreams every night

2. Babies have fewer dreams than adults

3. People who are blind from bith do not dream in pictures

4. People dream about things because they want them to happen in real life

5. When you drink alcohol, you dream more

6. People usually dream in colour

7. You can find out a lot about yourself from you dreams

8. Dreams never come true

9. Dreams can sometimes make you walk or talk in your sleep

10. If you dream about death it means something terrible is going to happen


1. True: You start dreaming about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. The first dream lasts for five to ten minute. Then you dream in 90 minutes cycles with the dreams getting longer-your last dream may be as long as 40 minutes.

2. False: Babies dream most of the time they are asleep, mot in 90-minute cycles like adults.

3. True: People who have blind since they were born do not ‘see’ images in their dreams. They have to use their senses of touch, smell, and hearing while dreaming.

4. True: This is one reason why we dream, but it is not the only reason-in fact, nobody knows why we dream!

5. False: Drinking alcohol or taking other drugs makes you dream shorter.

6. True: Most dreams have some colour in them, but people forget it very quickly.

7. True: Every detail in a dream is important and has meaning. You can learn something about your ‘sub-conscious’ or your hidden emotions from all of your dreams, but you have to work hard to remember and underrstand them.

8. False: Some people have ‘telepathic’ dreams-this means the dream about events which happen in real life. But events in a dream don’t usually come true.

9. False: Sleep-walking and talking is not linked to dreams. Nobody knows why people walk or talk in their sleep.

10. False: Dreaming about death often means the end of the chapter in your life and a new beginning.

From: Reward Pre-intermediate Resource Pack
© Susan Kay and The Lake School of English, 1994.


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  1. ThE FaiRy on

    Finally I got the answer..

    THX! n_n

  2. mamai on

    ngomong2 soal mimpi…
    knapa kalo qta mimpi pasti suka aneh?
    contohnya…yah, taulah…

  3. nurnisa on

    🙂 salam kenal.. sama nih.. diriku juga super lemot 😀

  4. ilustratorlemot on

    mamai: ehem… tentang “itu” maksutnya???
    nurnisa: akhirnya! ada temen nyuuu… bikin Lemot Crew yuk.. 😀

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